Friday, May 27, 2005

Weight, babies moving, and other parents

Rebecca has still not put any weight on during the pregnancy, after the doctors visit last week she did not loose any weight this month but did not put any on either. Rebecca has managed to loose 11 kilo's since being pregnant. If I could bottle pregnancy and sell it as a weight lose device I would be rich!.

Our due date for peanut to arrive into this world has also been revise to 5 October now and not the 11 seems everything we go for an ultrasound it get revised, as Rebecca would say the sooner the better.

Rebecca finally is sure she has felt peanut move she was getting worried that she had not felt it or did not know if she had she mentioned last week she thought she felt it but maybe she just neede to pass wind instead she said. I cant wait to feel it move, my friend Scott hated the feeling of it moving when Rachel was pregnant.

Well October is turning out to be a busy month for baby arrivals by the looks of besides featuring peanuts arrival into the world Princess Mary( Australian ) and Prince Frederick of Denmark, Leyton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright and Britney Spears just to name a few but all will fail into comparison the arrival of the "Peanut".

Well I was supposed to head back to hell today(work) after 2 weeks off but I am ill with a cold/flu/sore throat, cough you name it, so I had to ring my boss Stuart today and tell him that I was not coming in he sounded ok about it.


De said...

ooo! We are due around the same time. She is probably feeling the peanut now, its possible the baby is kicking towards her insides too so she wouldn't feel it, or peanut is awake and moving when she is and she just doesn't notice. Hard to say but wait until you see her belly move... It is SO WEIRD, but also very amusing! We've just begun to experience this...

Hope you feel better soon and
thanks for stopping by my site. I've added yours to it!

Rita said...

Interesting reading the comments about pregnancy and weight loss.

I lost weight with both of my pregnancies, but I was heavy when I got pregnant, both times. Seems that pregnancy can correct deficiencies in insulin, making it work better.

I found out I was insulin-resistant (hyperinsulinemic) and during pregnancy, that seemed to reverse itself. I felt great pregnant and I learned alot about from my doctor, once he discovered my condition.

Here's wishing that you two have a great experience, too.