Thursday, June 02, 2005

Baby stuff

Well Rebecca and here mother went shopping yesterday down the valley (about 60km away) and picked up our car seat for the baby from K-Mart.

We had it on layby but, thank you K-Mart they gave us the wrong baby seat instead of giving us the one we ordered which was a cheaper one they gave us a Mothers Choice one by accident which is fine by us, thank you K-Mart.

Now the story about the change table which we bought in Bairnsdale (also 60km away in another direction) we picked it up from Toy World and bought it home, I then opened the box to start putting the thing together and there where no shelves in it, so on the phone we get they say just call in when you can and we will open another one and get the shelves out for you so that's o.k. I have the shelves and start again only this time to find out that there are some poles missing as well, so once again we have to go back and get the poles now starting to wonder if we will ever get the change table right, ah well its made in China like everything I guess some Chinese guy had a bad Friday and wanted to get out without putting all the parts in.

I still have the bay cot and pusher to put together so here is hoping that all will be right with these

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