Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mad Monday

Well the battle with the change table rages on yet again with still one piece short again but this time my fault, yes I know I know how could it possibly be my fault but could not blame Rebecca as it was me making it. I miss counted the number of pieces that we where missing in the first place and only requested 3 more bits and there should have been 4.

The carpet turned up today after the shop saying when we ordered it early last week that it would be done by the end of the week ah well Monday's not to bad though I guess it looks a lot better than the old carpet. It would still be nice if they rang first and not just turned up what if we were not home.So the room is about 90% complete all I have to do is touch up some paint spots get a blind and a shade to go around the light and we are about done.

After having the carpet laid I sey about building the cot which had been sitting here for a week or so but no use building it when the carpet is not down so it just sat there well its now built sitting in its rightfully place in Peanuts room.

Rebecca has been feeling really tired as of late and getting a bit grumpy and picky about little things but I guess as she says it not totally her fault there is someone effecting her as well so peanut behave! And stop that shit now.

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De said...

Sounds like things are coming along well for Peanuts arrival! ...except the changing table.

I go through grumpy spurts... lately its been at night when Baby Ike won't stop beating the crap out of my bladder!