Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Men and there Sports

Most men love their sports me included I love watching AFL ( Australian rules football), Soccer, Cricket, wrestling (and yes I know its not real ) and love playing golf.

Is it important to men to have their children follow the same sporting teams as us? I follow Collingwood and Rebecca follows Essendon in the AFL ( I yes want my child to follow Collingwood and not Essendon. My mother her 5 sister and 2 brothers and most of my cousins follow Essendon because their parents followed Essendon so really its something handed down to child by constant reference to the team. When i was young a had a Magpies quilt cover on my bed and i have still have it in the bottom of the cupboard waiting to be used by my child ( if its a boy).

My brother, sister and me broke the mould though none of us barrack for my parents teams that they follow and I think it was because everyone followed Essendon and we wanted to be different and I had my sister to convert me to Collingwood. My sister Rosie says she will be making sure that peanut follows the Collingwood Magpies so lets hope.

How do you feel about your children following sports teams that you follow and do they usually follow the same team or branch out to be different . In the end we all follow many teams from professional level down to local level and if we can get the kids to follow just one i suppose we have had a win.

well done to peter from south australia for answering the manchester united question 1 down

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De said...

Baby Ike is already a Red Soxs fan (he's been to 2 games already in-utero)... luckily for him his Dad and I are both huge fans so he HAS to be! ha ha
Really though, if your from Boston or your family is, you tend to be a hard core Boston fan for ALL sports. It's just the way you grow up around it. Going to games, watching it on tv... tradition. It just happens that way. Hopefully he will feel the same love for the sports and the teams that we do.
...or we'll disown him. ;)