Monday, July 18, 2005

Congratualtions To Natalie( i used to work with Nat) and Rohan who had a baby boy in Perth on Thursday night.

Rebecca had to go get gloucose test done at the Maffra District Hospital. You have to drink some fluid and wait an hour then have a blood test. The Maffra hospital is where i was born in 1973, but babies are not delievered there anymore so our baby will be born at the Gippsland Base Hospital in Sale.

We have our monthly Doctors appointment this Friday coming, Always get a kick out of listening to the baby's heartbeat and betting on how much weight Rebecca has put on this month. At present she was still 10 kilograms lighter( last doctors appointment) and after the first three months was 12 kilo's lighter.

Onto my team Collingwood they have lost the last 2 games in a row and now stay perched on 5 wins for the season and sitting in 13 place on Ladder. There will need to be some changes at the end of the season maybe our coach should be repalced but i dont think so, just need some faster players in the center.

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