Monday, August 01, 2005

The Football


Scott arrived at about 10.30 am from Melbourne.

We headed out to the football at about 12 and got a car park on the fence, Scott and I both took a 6 pack of Bourbon and Cola with us. It was good going to watch country football it has a bit more aggression in it than the highly image conscious AFL.

Scott and I sat on the car bonnet drinking our cans while Rebecca sat in a chair next to car and watched, Rebecca likes watching the football and we both used to follow Boisedale football very keenly before we where together.

One of my best friends from School Hags pulled up beside us I don't see him very often even though he also lives in Maffra, just on those things we each have our own life's that are very busy and demand a lot of our time, he runs a painting business and is married with 2 small kids. So it was great to catch up with him and have a few drinks.

Walked around the ground after the end of the reserves and caught up with some more guys who I had not seen in a while like Doug and chuck berry who is moving back here also crossed paths with my brother Wayne.

When the football finished and Boisedale had beaten Sale city we all headed back to the clubrooms for some more drinks mainly VB and Jim Beam with a bit of dinner as well. Scott, Rebecca and I got home around 11pm after having a great day by all. Scott was a bit seedy this morning I think he was chucking up in toilet but he had a 2.5 hour drive back to Melbourne and was then ment to play basketball tonite so hope you survived Scott.

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