Sunday, July 10, 2005


Well I might have to catch a boat home from work today, that's how much rain we have had its been raining for 24 plus hours straight now and things are mighty wet but that's good news for farms that surround our district.

My parents are coming down today to stay at my sisters house (300 meters down the street) which is good because that means they will be able to visit Rebecca and she likes that because she stays at home most of the time by herself and my mom and rosie understand her better than me at times and especially with her being pregnant they can understand what she is going through and offer the support she needs in area's I cant.

Did we all watch the Live8 concert last weekend I think it was fantastic the highlights for me where U2 from London, GreenDay from Berlin, Bon Jovi from Philly and Jet from Canada ( Aussie band). I still remember Live Aid I was about 10 years old but I watched most of and even had it video tape to a few years ago when the tapewas that worn out I had to through it out, luckily they have released a DVD of it that I will be buying sometime in the future.

Only a little under 3 calendar months now till peanut makes his/her debut into the world and I cant wait, Rebecca she wants it out now she has officially had enough of being pregnant and wants to be back to normal. She has continued to stock up on the sleep that she will be missing when peanut takes up every moment after its birth. Rebecca never goes to sleep till about 2a.m ( by which time I have been asleep about 4 hours) and get s up well that depends what time I ring her from work to wake her up. Trying to wake her up is like trying to wake a bear from hibernation.

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Surcie said...

Hey, Mark! Saw your link at Deviant Woman and thought I'd check out your site. I hope the remainder of the pregnancy goes well and that peanut's birth is a breeze.