Thursday, August 11, 2005

Anti natal classes OVER!

We finished up our anti natal classes last night only went for an hour, I think we could have finished them on Saturday instead of having to drive the 20 minutes to Sale for 1 hour.

We basically chatted about after the baby is born what help you can get how long you will be in the hospital, dummies, feeding, work ect.

Me being the male just naturally thought that you give the baby a dummy and never really thought about why or what consequence there where too it. Our Mid Wife suggested that it was a bad idea to give the children a dummy and only advisees too when it was a last resort. She said the more you give baby peanut a dummy the harder it will be to take off it he/she and I tend to agree so from my point of view baby peanut will be going without a dummy if we can help it. I am sure Rebecca may disagree when I am at work and the baby wont stop crying.

I think I worry Rebecca because she has all these worries about being a mother and well me I am just a take it as it comes sort of guy, why worry about something that you don't know will happen, so when she askes me if I have any worries about being a father or how I will handle child birth I say I have not really given it much thought I will just take it as it comes. This attitude of mine has always worried Rebecca and she is one "TOO" definitely over analysis everything but that's part of what I love about her that she is always thinking about us.


Angie said...

Thanks for visiting my place. I have several very dear friends in Oz. Currently none are online for me to ask "What's a dummy over there?"

A pacifier? If so, don't listen to those ppl, sometimes a baby just needs to suck but not eat. I promise I know what I am talking about. I have an 18 yr old and a 7 yr old, I am expecting again at the ripe old of 39 (in 10 days).

If she is breastfeeding the amount of sucking a baby needs will leave her with blistered bloody nipples. If she is bottle feeding, well that much sucking will lead to over feeding and a baby that spits up or cries with the tummy ache.

If a dummy is not a pacifier disregard all of the above and tell me what a dummie is. LOL

Be smart. Follow your instincts. Do what your baby needs not what someone else thinks your baby needs.

Krista said...

Just my 2 bits on "dummies" that I learned from having 2 of my own boys, take it or leave it...
My last son would have nursed on me 24 hours a day (no kidding) if he had no dummie. I nursed this way for the first 4 months until I became so sleep-deprived from nursing all-night that I became dangerous behind the wheel! We gave him a dummie -he called his num-num and that is how he satisfied his need to suck. He nursed from me until full, then in went the dummy when I knew he was just being "sucky". By 2 years old though, his gums were rubbed too much on the inside of his top teeth and he developed an infection there. The doctor said no more num-num. We let our boy collect up the 12 or so dummies he had around the house and explained to him that they give him "owies" and let him dispose of them in the rubbish bin himself. No more num-num after that.
My only suggestion is never let the dummy interfere with a feeding. Offer breast first. And enjoy your baby! We've got #3 on the way in 8 weeks!
Visit if you like, I have a few blogs on the go...
and if you want a great resource for feeding baby is invaluable!