Saturday, August 13, 2005

The silence of fighting

Its been pretty quiet around here the last couple of days, I seem to be sticking my foot in it all the time, seems what ever I say or do seems to be wrong which has caused long patches of silence, and I am sure its all my fault it certainly would have nothing to do with Rebecca being Pregnant and hormonal.

this may even cause another long silent patch
any guys reading this please "Pray" for me.


Krista said...

All I can say is: this too shall pass.
We are SO there, right where you two are at right now.
Best advice: you know those times when you MOST badly want to bite back and say something? That's when you should definitely NOT SAY anything at all.. trust me.
Hang in there and I apologize on behalf of your wife and all women everywhere for any pychotic pregnancy hormonal episodes that may occur between now and baby as well as all the silent treatments and freak-outs that may take place.

Angie said...

Let me apologize for pregnant women all over the world. We don't intend to be critical/mean/emotionally distressed/wired/intolerant/etc/etc/etc. It comes with the territory. It will pass.

De said...

ha ha ha! Suck it up dude! ;)

Just imagine being pregnant and having your whole body change to make that happen. 9 months is a long time. We don't mean to be so emotional but as krista said...just remember we ARE indeed pregnant and coming back at us with something is really not a good idea. We're tired and as much as you guys want us to be back to ourselves, we would very much like to be back to ourselves too.

Being pregnant is hard. I guess you understand it more once you've gone through it.

Hang in there Mark!
You too Bec!

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