Saturday, August 27, 2005


Rebecca and I went to our weekly doctors appointment yesterday.

All is fine but Rebecca has lost 2 kilograms again so she is back to having lost 12 kilograms while she is pregnant.
Rebecca has not been feeling all that well she has been feeling sick and has had a very sore stomach. Doctor is happy with how it is all going.

I bought another cot quilt from playgro this time I got a zany zoo quilt, I love playgro's baby stuff its great

Its my birthday on Monday I hit the big 32 and we (mum, dad, sister, brother inlaw) are going out for tea on Saturday night. I already know what I am getting off my family but not Rebecca. I am getting Dan browns Angels and demons book and a Guns N Roses DVD I love my 80's metal music and Gunners produced some of the best of it. Sweet Child of Mine is one of the all time classic rock songs of the 80's.


Krista said...

I hope your sweatheart is feeling well again soon and it's just a passing thing.
Thanks for your encouraging comments, every bit helps, and I appreciate it.
I still can't believe you guys are going for weekly's already!
We're getting there soon too I guess but I don't feel so ready anymore.

De said...

Happy almost Birthday! You are going to love Angels and Demons... so good. I personally think its better than the Da Vinci Code.

I hope Bec starts to feel better, I hear the 3rd trimester can be like that of the 1st. Peanut is probably kicking her stomach too...

Angie said...

Won't be long now before the baby is here! Happy Birthday to you!! :-)