Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nothing Much

Our friends Scott and Rachel where ment to come down from Melbourne this weekend but Scott had to work I am sure we will catch up soon. I guess I will be able to finish watching the first season of Deadwood now.

Rebecca went to Lakes Entrance yesterday with Rosie ( my sister) and some others to visit my mom for the day, by all accounts they had a good day going out lunch and shopping. My dad has been in Queensland for the last week ( lucky bastard) visiting friends.

The girl i work with Chantelle is getting married in a couple of weeks and us blokes cant wait, if we have to hear about another wedding related topic we will scream. I know its exciting for her but but do we really need to hear about dj's, table setting, do I look like I have lost weight and stuff I think not.

Well gotta go the pregnant one is calling

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