Sunday, August 07, 2005


Remind me never to go shopping with 3 women again, the amount of shoe shops and toilet breaks was enough to frustrate any man.
My first big task of the day was getting Rebecca out of bed at 6.30am not sure weather she has ever been up at that time of day before but I guess there is a first for everything. Then we had to get through the tears of leaving the cat home all day by itself, Rebecca was feeling very emotional about the cat.
We left Maffra at 7.15 am and headed to the city about 222 kilometers away for a bit more pre baby shopping not that we really have much left to buy.
We arrived at Ikea in Morrabbin right on 10am opening time but I was a bit disappointed as they are closing this store end of August and there was not much stuff there this time.
Headed just back down the road to DFO shopping center one of my favorite places to shop and yes I am male and Yes I like to shop
DFO had factory outlets for shops like Adidas, Bolle, Tommy, Rivers just to name a few and usually very cheap prices.
We headed back down the Princess Highway towards home and stopped in at Westfield Fountain Gate shopping center where I left the girls to themselves I was about all baby shopped out by that stage so I headed off to check out the music/DVD shops.
We finally arrived back home at 9pm.

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Alan said...

I remember that short little road (yeah yeah right :p) called the princess highway, not as bad as the great alpine road though!