Thursday, September 15, 2005

Doctors visit

We had our weekly doctors appointment with Doctor Wright yesterday. Rebecca's urine and blood pressure are fine. The doctors appointments seem to fly by but with only 23 days till due date its all flying along.

Baby peanut's head is facing down but he is not engaged at present. Rebecca was asking about what peanuts weight would be and Doctor Wright said his best guess would be if we went full term the baby would be 8 pounds. Well you should have seen the look on Rebecca face it was priceless, for the next hour all I herd was Fuck 8 pounds how and I going to get that out of there.

We had the car seat put in yesterday I can tell you there's not much room in the back of a Hyundai Excel when you put a baby seat in there i can tell you Rebecca got stuck in there today she was wedge between the baby seat and the front seat quiet amusing.


Krista said...

Did you have to mention how long there is to go, in terms of days?! Now you've got me counting on my calendar and really panicking. 23 days for you two, and 27 days for us. Huh?! How did that happen? That's unbelievable. Rebecca, you must be sooooo excited and crazy. 8 lbs. sounds about right to me, but hey, I thought you measured in kilos or stones or something like that over there? :)

Aussie Mama said...

Good luck, sounds like you guys are in for an exciting time ahead...even with a small car.