Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The weekly doctors appointment has flown around again and yes we went and I donated my $ 20.00 for our weekly 5 minute appointment.

Everything is going fine Rebecca gained one kilogram and the baby is still not engaged.

Have been thinking a lot lately about what the sex of the baby will be will it be a boy or will it be a girl at this stage I think I would prefer a girl but there is advantages for both if its a boy and it likes sport then I will have an alliance with someone to watch sport and Rebecca will be out voted. If its a girl that would be great too why I want agirl I don't really know.

Its very strange I will be doing something like taking a shower or buying some groceries and I start thinking very soon I will be doing this and I will have a kid, I know our lives ar going to change big time but its very hard to prepare for it when it does not really change during the pregnancy but you know it will once the baby arrives I am rambling here and most times I am still only thinking about me and not about that I will have plan things around the child and it just wont be as easy so I have start thinking in a third person sense from now on.

Work has been very quiet lately which is not what I want when you work on a wage and a commission you want it to be busy but a very quiet month its been maybe the high petrol prices have something to do with it up to $1.40 a liter that just crazy an increase of about $0.30 cents this year.

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