Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Well I have a job interview in Melbourne next week with Garry Brown about going to Ireland so I have past the first step and that's getting an interview. Garry Brown was the man Harvey Norman first sent over to Ireland to open up the first stores.

My applying for this job has pretty much upset my family my mother and sister are not happy at all as I will be taking away willow but there is a long way to go yet before anything happens, Ireland is one of the dearest countries in Europe to live and I would want to be getting a wage that repesents that first before.

Willow is doing well although I think we are approaching some bad habits already and that her sleeping with us at times as she will not go to sleep in her own bed and her mother is just too tired some nights so we will have to get that sorted out soon.


de said...

Dude, Owen sleeps with us too. Not all the time, I'll put him down in his cradle when hes like totally out (which is probably bad)but I so know how Bec feels. It's just easier to bring them into bed with you.
You do what you have to do!

Any more photos to share?

LynAnne said...

I feel for you! All 3 of our babes have slept in our bed even though we knew it was frowned upon. We tried using the bassinette beside the bed but they always woke immediately upon laying them down. Everyone slept better and nighttime feedings are so much easier. Don’t feel bad – it’s only temporary. Do what you need to do get through this.

Good luck with the job!