Saturday, October 22, 2005

maybe an "IRISH" adventure

Well I started back at work on Thursday and I can tell you I did not miss it that's for sure, I really should not say that as I do like my job but like all people after a few weeks off no one wants to go back to work.

The company I work for Harvey Norman are starting to expand overseas more all the time currently they have stores in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Slovenia and Ireland and more are opening all the time. So I officially applied for a job in Ireland yesterday, I am currently an assistant manager and if I get a job in Ireland I will go over and train under another manager for 6 -12 months and then I will get my own store in Ireland to run. I would have to stay over there for about 3 years and then they would bring me back to run a store in Australia. This sort of move could set us up for life if you get a good store to run I know some of the managers of the good stores make 100-200 grand a year which is a bit more than my 40 thousand.

Willow has been fine except the sleep factor as usual yesterday she woke at 4 in the afternoon and did not go back to sleep till 4 am in the morning which was very trying on Rebecca but after pushing her around the house in the stroller, taking her for a drive at 3am she finally went to sleep in our bed at 4am which I know is wrong as is the car ride but after 12 hours man its what ever works for you I think. Its not her fault but its hard sometimes Rebecca is on anti biotic and that's giving Willow an upset stomach.

She is 3 weeks old today.

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Krista said...


Best of luck with that endeavor! But you know if you stay there too long, little Willow just may end up sounding like a little Irish lass!

Not that that would be a bad thing....very cute. :)

Hope you're all well and the crazy sleep habits smooth themselves out really soon. I know how hard it is!