Monday, November 07, 2005

the Interview

We went to Melbourne yesterday for my interview at Harvey Norman Nunawading. It was hot day around the 30 degree mark so the last thing I felt like was wearing pants, shirt and a tie.

I found Gary Brown my interviewer to be a very good guy very down to earth he started off by giving me an overview of the Ireland Operation and then some information on Irish life , health care. Costs ect. The he dropped a bombshell that he wanted the the successful applicants to stay there for 4-5 years I had been planning on around 2 years. The interview proceeded he asked my why I wanted to go ect, I told him and we talked abit about my current role with Harvey Norman Sale and how by working in a small store you get a better understanding of more aspects of the business. But the thing I wanted to know the most about was the money and still there was no information forth coming except to say that he said they understand its very expensive over there and they would not be sending people over there to go broke. He explained that we should go home and think about it and then call him and tell him if we are still interested he will submit a report a report to head office an if I am successful they will get back to me with a financial package, all I got out of him is that they will pay for my airfare over.

I walked away feeling very positive that I could have the job if I want it which is a whole other question as The more Rebecca and I have talked about the more I am sure it will be very hard on her with willow being so young and not have any support base around her. It would be perfect if this was in 12 months from now so still don't know what I am doing could say yes see the financial package then make my mind up or I could just come straight out and ask if there will be any positions in 12 months time, just don't know yet but I only have 2 days to think about it

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