Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Well once again I seem to have been ignoring my bloc but hopefully I will start updating more frequently again for me readers.

Willow went to the health nurse last week and she now weighs 12 pound 4 ounces so at the 8 week mark she has nearly double her weight,which is no surprise to her mum and dad as she is always hanging off Rebecca's boobs, she is a hungry little sucker.

Last week willow was happily feeding on mums boobs and I can in the room and I said to willow one day daddy will get those boobs back for himself to play with and I bent in and kissed rebecca's boob just near willow's head you should have seen the dirty looks he gave me and then she started grunting at me , it was so funny it was like she was telling me to get away these are mine dada.

Last night Paul and Christine came over for a BBQ they had just returned from Darwin where they had been living and will now be settling in Melbourne which is great as we will be able to catch up more often. What a shit night for a bbq it rained all night but Paul and I lit a fire out the back got some umbrella's out and stood around the fire in the rain drinking cans of scotch whisky, I don't seem to have a cold/flu today which is a bonus its a tradition when Paul comes around that we light a fire. Usually I steel some firewood from the next door neighbor's they stack it up against the fence so we wait for it to get dark then jump the fence and pass it over.

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