Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Sorry I have not posted in afew days life has been very busy I have stocktake at work and that's doing my head in as usual.

Willow is doing fine she is starting to sleep a bit better well for atleast 4-5 hours most nights before she wakes up for a feed so staring to get a bit more sleep but I have never been so tired constantly in my life.

Willow is starting to find her voice and her smiles she is making noises all the time when looking at you like she is trying to talk and its excellent to hear her the same with when you are talking to her and she smiles it just melts my heart completely.

Well Christmas is nearing and the Christmas shopping is well underway I have most of my presents bought for family members already and a few litte things for willow we will not be going over board with presents for Willow as she will not remember them anyway at this age next Christmas will be better when she will know.

Finally yes I am very fucking pissed off at Harvey Norman for not picking me because of a money issue and if another job with someone else comes up I will be taking it, fuck them they don't deserve good staff.

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Krista said...

Just popping in to say hello and I hope you're all well. Sorry about your news guys, but it's funny how things work out just as they should, and you never know it until much further down the road...hey, Australia's not such a bad place though! We're envious and dying to come back.

Hope Willow is doing good and that you're finding parenthood going fairly smoothly, and getting some sleep!