Friday, December 30, 2005

happy new year

New years Eve tomorrow and we are heading back to the coast for a few days in lakes Entrance with the family after I finish work tomorrow at 4pm and its ment to be a stinker its going to be around the 35 degree mark ah once again I will have to consume plenty of liquid to stay hydrated what a pity.

Rebecca and I have been discussing the possibility of another child in the future, I for one are not keen now don't get me wrong I love willow with all my heart and she brings joy to my life that I never thought was possible but I am really not interested in having another and that stems from my own laziness and tiredness, I like to do things when I want and not really have to think too hard about anything greatly but with Willow onboard everything has to be planned like a military operation just to leave the house and everything seems to take twice as long to pack.

Willow went to the local health nurse yesterday to her weekly weigh in she know weighs 15 pound 2 ounces and only put on 200 grams this week the health nurse thinks her weight is settling down a bit and there will be no huge increases in weight anymore like when she put on a pound a week at one stage of her life and she is starting to sleep atleast 6 hours a night when its not really hot, the heat knocks her around somedays and makes her very grumpy, she seems to have developed a liking for cricket on the TV yesterday she sat there for hours staring at it on TV , I say good someone else in this house who might like sports when she grows up, her and her oldman (me) will be able to watch it together.

hope you all have a safe and happy newyears

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de said...

Willow is caught up to Owen! I'm not really sure how much he weighs now... guessing 15. Whatever though! I love it, love THE CHEEKS. I could seriously, eat them up.

Happy New Year!!