Tuesday, January 03, 2006


We got back from lakes Entrance yesterday afternoon, one thing about being away and it does not seem to matter weather you are away for a night or a week there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

We arrived in Lakes Entrance at about 6 pm on Saturday night after a rather slow trip due to the fact that 2 cars had a head on collision on the highway we where traveling so everyone got diverted on the back roads which there is no chance of passing. New Years eve was hot around 34 degree's so we sat around at my parents house with family and friends had some food a few drinks and then we walked down the street with Willow to see the 9.30 children's fireworks and the headed back to my moms for some more refreshments . We then headed down the street to the foreshore again for the Midnight fireworks and to welcome the year of 2006. We got to bed at about 1am and willow slept through for 8 hours which is the longest she has sleep I on the other hand slept till 5.30 am when i got it was just too damm hot it was 30 degree's at 6.30 am too hot to sleep. The rain and the cool change came about 1.30 in the afternoon when we all had a sleep then Rebecca, willow and I went to Lake Tyers to the waterwheel tavern for my annual pot of Guinness on new years day ( its becoming a tradition we have gone there for a drink the last 3 years). Went to bed fairly early on new years day and got up and packed the car ready to leave we first went out to Lunch at the bowling clun where I spotted Collingwood Football player Tarkyn Lockier and we arrived home at about 3.30 in the afternoon.

On a rather sad note my moms sister was rushed to hospital in Melbourne on new years day with a brain aneurysm ( probably not how you spell it) but after being operated on yesterday they seem to think she will be fine, Good luck aunty Lorna hope you get better soon.

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