Sunday, December 25, 2005

Has Technology Killed Christmas!

When I was a young lad well over 20 years ago before the invention of the computer ( well not quite ) but definitely before the advent of Sega, Nintendo and playstation you would see kids out on the street riding their new bikes or playing cricket ( maybe playing baseball if I was in the US).

The last few years I always make a point of going outside and seeing if anyone is out doing these thing and I am sorry to report that the streets are empty most Christmas mornings now which I feel is a real shame and the only thing I can put it down to is technology has taken over and most kids are receiving things that are done inside now and not done outside we receive computers and DVD's, ipods and digital camera's instead. This is turning us into inside people and making our society less sociable when I was younger we where friends with all the neighbor's and there kids now I am lucky to get a hello off my neighbor's.

To me it was a great experience Christmas morning to be out riding my new bike or playing cricket with the neighbor's comparing what we got for Christmas weather my County cricket bat that Dean Jones ( former Australian Cricketer) used was better than the SS that Viv Richards ( former West Indian Cricketer) used or that my bike could go faster or do jumps better or even the Christmas I broke my mates toe playing backyard cricket with the hard ball.

For Willows sake i yern to go back in time so her christmas of the future could be like mine of the past full of outside activity and playing with friends

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Krista said...

You truly do have the best kind of memories. I agree not enough is done outside.
You sound SO much like my husband, the Kiwi, who has described his experience EXACTLY as yours. Healthy, happy, and fun.

And you have all the freedom in the world to create this same experience for your own daughter despite what modern technology dictates.

Cool, ey?

Hope your day was wonderful for the three of you.