Tuesday, December 20, 2005


On Sunday we packed the car up and headed to Melbourne for annual Anderson Christmas celebration it was a good afternoon we spent about 5 hours there, its still a bit strange going to Rebecca's family Christmas as I only really know a few of them so at times I feel like I am lost, just standing around not really knowing who to talk too. Willow was a hit it was the first time a lot of these people had meet her so it was show off day for her mum and Nan. Willow seems to travel really well in the car she slept the 2.5 hours it took us to get there and slept on the way back till we got to my family's Christmas party at morwell that we called in on for the last half an hour so my mum could show Willow off also to the people who had not meet her.

Well work is getting interesting Chantelle got a pasting down by Stuart ( Boss) on Sunday for being slack and lazy and not doing what he asked her to do and then she calls in sick the next day what a "BONE HEAD" if I have ever seen one and still had not done the jobs he asked her to do and she deserved it all she is doing is waiting to get pregnant or for her husband to get a job offshore ( on a oil rig) and then she is going to leave but the way things are going Stuart might just sack her which would be GREAT.

On Monday I caught up with one of my best mates from years gone by who is back in town for Christmas, Possum moved to Queensland about 3-4 years ago now but I usually catch up with him about once a year as his wife's family are still here, its always good to see Possum

The great debate about what to do on Christmas day has reared its head again the problem being that Rebecca's birthday is on Christmas day and she feels that no one celebrates her birthday because its Christmas day and she wants Willow to know its not just Christmas but her mummy's birthday as well as she says everyone else gets a day for there birthday except me. The problem is that's its hard to fit all in without disadvantaging someone, Rebecca was talking about just going to Lunch at a parents house and having Dinner by ourselves to celebrate her birthday but them the other family misses out anyone with any idea's about what to do with someone who is born on Christmas day and how to find time to celebrate the biggest family holiday and someone birthday.

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