Friday, December 09, 2005

Well stocktake is finally over thank god for that after being delayed 3 times it was ok in the end just a few minor losses that we already knew about and a heap of Manchester because some one, no not someone a few people out there have nice Manchester on there beds thanks to stealing them from Harvey Norman.

Wollow has been good growing every day I was changing her nappy the other night and she tries to talk a lot when changing her she reached her little hand up and put it in my face while I talked to her and I LOVED IT. Willow put on another 300 grams this week when visiting the health nurse yesterday she really is a little chubby her legs are like barrels they have 3 big fat rolls on them.

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de said...

Owen becomes all social and happy when its changing time. We call the changing station the magic table!

Sounds like you both are really enjoying Willow, that's so great!