Monday, January 30, 2006

The heat is over

Happy Birthday to my Cousin Fionna's daughter Charlotte she celebrated her first birthday yesterday in Manchester.

Finally a cool day today I am enjoying the wind and rain after 5 consecutive days over 30 degree it is a welcome relief to all.

Well I never herd back from Rivers so I guess I am staying at Harvey Norman for now but I am applying for another job toady as an employment consultant with Workways in Sale, same money buy better benefits weekends and public holidays off yes finally maybe I could have weekends off never in my working life have I experienced that I have always worked jobs that require weekend work. The only problem with anew job is that we will not be able to go to Europe on holidays this year but there is always next year as I will be entitled to 4 weeks holidays. If I leave Harvey Norman I will be having a spend up first that's for sure I will buy a new lounge and a plasma TV first no way I am paying retail that's for sure.

The hot weather has played havoc with Willows sleeping paten she was going to sleep around 10 and sleeping till 5-6 in the morning the last week she is not sleeping till midnight then waking at 4-5 going back to sleep then getting up at 8 or so we so muck liked the 10-6 sleeping patten, it allowed us all to get some good nights sleep and Rebecca becomes quiet cranky when she gets no sleep I can tell you.

Rebecca's Uncle Paul and Marie are coming down this week to stay at rebecca's parents house its always good to catch up with Paul and have a drink we will be probably be going out there Friday night. Paul has traveled extensively throughout the world so its good chatting about places to travel.

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