Sunday, January 08, 2006

A sad sad day for the family

Today was spent in Melbourne at the Alfred hospital with family where my aunty Lorna is a patient.

My Sister, Gary, Rebecca and i headed to Melbourne at about 10 am to the Alfred hospital to lend support to mum and other family members as Aunty lorna is on life support and at the time we left was expected to be taken off it.

We arrived at about 12.30pm to find that they where still perfoming tests on her to make sure that there was nothing further they could do. They finally turned the life support off just before 7pm and like a true fighter that she was she would not just slip away she continued to breath even though the stroke she suffered damaged her brain beyond repair.

It was a very hard day everyone was upset and crying and just hoping for miracle that was not going to happen, seeing my mom and aunties crying was very emotional you could hear the pain in there voices and Lorna's son Craig kept giving us updates on what was happening I don't know how he did it, it must have been so hard to come out in the room with us and tell us all and not break down, I know I could not have done it. Willow was a bright spot on the day for many of the family she took there minds off lorna and she was a great little girl she did not even cry while we where at the hospital for 9 hours.

we where originally going to drive aunty Dots car home as none of them had had any sleep but it got to about 9.15 pm and we decided to head off home as Lorna had not passed away yet, we didn't want to but we had willow and home was 2 and a half hours away but we where still worried that dot would fall asleep behind the wheel, we went and said one last goodbye to Lorna and headed out, no sooner had we got out of the hospital than the phone rang she had passed so we went back in and we ended up driving them home, mum she said it was Lorna looking after them making sure they all got home alright.

We finally arrived back in maffra at 2 am.


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