Tuesday, January 24, 2006


We seem to be in the middle of a very hot stretch of summer at the moment with Sunday just gone hitting a massive 42 degree's damn it was hot and with Australia day on Thursday coming the temp is expected to be 39 again.

The hot weather is affecting everyone makes us all tired and grumpy and Willow has not been sleeping well in the heat she just seems to toss and turn and wake every few hours instead of the glorious 6-8 hours she was sleeping, this inturn puts more pressure on Rebecca who then does not get much sleep which makes her grumpy as well. Willow continues to roll over in bed and that I think wakes her up a lot too this morning I went in her room to find her rolled over up against the side of the cot sucking on it. She's all class that daughter of mine

Well on the job front I have interview with Rivers on Wednesday night in Bairnsdale about the shop managers position that will be available when they open in Sale at the end of febuary. I really like my job at Harvey Norman but there is no future at the Sale store I have fired off plenty of letters asking for a better position in a better shop and constantly get no answer and that's the problem with working in one of the smallest stores in Australia no one notices you, you need to be in a big shop in the city to get anywhere and im just not prepared the move to the city at this stage

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