Saturday, February 25, 2006

rolling willow

We have had a return of the hot weather the last few days i say bring on winter as its much easier to get warm when cold than cool when hot especially when you work in a place with no aircon.

Willow went to the weigh bridge as we call it again this week she is know over 8 kilograms and 63 cm long so she is growing fast, she will be starting solid food in about 4 weeks time the health nurse says she does not have to start yet as she is still putting on around 100 grams plus a week.

Willow has been rolling over all the time now and Rebecca's mom come in last night so Rebecca puts willow down on the floor so she can show her how she rolls and guess what Willow little miss inderpendant decides that she is not rolling and i bet the same will happen this afternoon whn my mom and sister come around.

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Angie said...

She has grown so quickly! It is hard for me to believe my own will be 3 weeks old this week. Where does the time go?