Thursday, March 02, 2006


Well not much happening just work and looking after Willow pretty much fills our days up now.

Been planning our holiday to Europe in September well hoping to go in September at this stage we will be going to a few different places depending on what airline we fly with we will definitely be going to Munich though I am finally going to get to go to Oktoberfest and my mate Detmar has 2 weeks off so wewill be spending some time touring Bavaria which is fine as it is one my favorite places in Europe. I have some mates who want us to go to England but not sure we will get there yet as its very expensive and will mean an extra flight. We will be going to Paris again as Rebecca loves Paris and well so do I it will be my 3rd visit to Paris ( I had to come back outside Notre dame Cathedal there is plague and the story goes if you stand on it you will return to Paris again and yes we both stood on it). Have been looking at flight with Qantas/ Cathay pacific/ Finnair which takes us from Melbourne to Beijing/Shanghai( cathay pacific)then onto Helsinki (finnair) then into main land Europe and fly out of Paris back to Australia(qantas).

Rebecca has been attending a mothers group that the district health nurse sets up 17 women and babies and as you can guess there is some conflicting personalities starting to show and it seems they are splintering off into 2 groups there seems to a small group of mothers who think they are better than the rest because they have seem to think having more money makes them better I say just makes them bigger bitches and nothing else but its good for Willow to interact with other babies.

Chantelle the girl I work with and sometimes bitch about has bought a house just around the corner from us, so I guess when she finishes up I will still see her regually as her and Rebecca will be able to get together with the babies.

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