Friday, March 24, 2006


Willow went for her weekly trip to the weigh bridge (health nurse) yesterday and she did not put on any weight this is the first time since she was born, I think its getting closer to solid food time for my little chicken. I feel so bad when we eat in front of her she just constantly stares at you while eating as to say where is mine you horrible parents.

Its supposed to be hot for the next 3 days around the 30-33 mark which I am not looking forward too that's for sure work as bad enough without it being hot, I got the worst pay I had received in the last 18 months this week this are very very quiet at present no one seems to be buying anything which intern hurts no not the right word I should say kills my weekly commission but not much one can do about that.

The commonwealth games come to a close on Sunday or should I say the Australia games as we have won double the amount of medals than any other country has and also double the amount of gold medals as well. My highlights so far have been asatha Powell ( world record holder) winning the 100 meter sprint, the total domination of the Australian women's swimming team and John Stefenson winning the 400 meters in a world class time finally Australia might have a legitimate track star.

The Australian football Season kicks off next weekend and here is hoping that the Collingwood magpies have a good year, 2 seasons down the bottom lately make me wonder weather we will have a good season.

Still waiting on willows passport to come back its nearly been 3 weeks and then into booking a ticket I think for our trip to Europe the internet is a great tool for researching holidays and easy to find great value accommodation, last time we went to Europe we had no internet and ended up paying high prices through a travel agency. Looks like we will be going to Helsinki Finland, Tallinn Estonia, Budapest Hungry, Paris France ( this will be the 3rd time for me to parish and finally finish up at our friend Detmars house in Munich Germany, where I will finally get to go to Oktoberfest and then home 28 days later. My mates in England wanted us to go there but just cant fit it in.

My brother Wayne will be over ina couple of weeks time bit of un unexpected trip home from Perth the person renting his house is moving out so he needs to make sure its all alright for someone else to rent, he will also get to meet his niece for the first time.

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