Thursday, March 30, 2006


Willow is 6 months old in a couple of days time wher has the time gone i ask. Willow ill be going on solid food next week after her 6 month injections, I think she is ready for solid foods her mother is not so sure, when we eat in front of her she just stares at us and makes chewing and makes chewing actions. I think Rebecca is little hesitant as it means her little baby is growing up and does not need her as much anymore, but she will still be breastfeed and eat solids. rebecca is going to a siminar today in sale about feeding your baby so that will give some good information.

my brother wayne is due in town tommorow from Perth to finalise his tenneant moving out of his house, my nephew is talking about moving now that will be funny his mother ( my sister) will have to go around and clean the house all the time and I bet he goes home to get his meals cooked and his clothes washed.

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