Thursday, May 11, 2006

First off sorry its been so long since i blogged.

Willow went to the weigh bridge last week for her usual weigh in and she is now 9.3 kilograms and getting bigger all the time.

Willow went to play group last week and one of the kids Amen who she plays with all the time had a cold so guess what? yep you guessed it Willow ended up with a cold which in turn her mummy and daddy ended up with it too so i had to have 2 sick days off work, it stuffed up her sleeping pattern she was awake in the middle in night and just not wanting to sleep being very crumpy and sooky, i think she is just getting over it now.

Willow is starting to eat more and more solid foods as the weeks go on she still loves her rice cereal mixed with appples or pears and also loves eating stuff off her parents plates she gets a try of most things. Rebecca and i went out to dinner the other night and she took a real liking to my Pasta carbonara and just gobbled it up.
Now the downfall with this solid eating is her shit! I much prefered it when she was breast feeding it was runny and did nor smell but oh my god now its thick and stinky and how could something like that come out of my beautiful daughter.

The family european adventure is now about 110 days away and i for one am looking forward to it very much have not had a real holiday for a while. Rebecca is a bit concerned at how willow willgo but I think she will be alright as she loves it when we go out she just takes it all in and is a real sticky beak but hay thats a trait she gets from being a female and taking after her mother. The only thing that worries me is the flight and how she will go on a 20 hour flight especially if we dont get one of the bassinet seats which we wont know until we get to the airport as they allocate them on age basis if there has been more than enough available requested.

My nephew Steven has moved into my brothers house here in maffra with his girlfriend Amanda and his mate skeeter so hopefully that goes well for him.

We have a new girl kelly starting at work today well she not new she was working for the electrical department now she is with us and is going to replace Chantelle when she leaves next month to have her baby.

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