Monday, May 01, 2006

Well winter is fast approaching here as the sunny warm days become fewer and fewer and the cold nights and wet mornings become more frequent.

Willow is on the verge of crawling it wont be long now she gets her knees up undeneath her and just rocks on then not sure what to do with them just yet but its getting more frequent now. Willow went to the weigh bridge on Thursday she now over 9 kilograms and she is starting to take to solid foods a lot better especially mashed vegetables.

I had a comment on here from someone who did not leave there name saying I know nothing about anzac day and that I should get mt facts right and not be ignorant well I will happily tell that person that the information about Anzac day that I put on here was cut and pasted straight off the Australian Government websites official history of Gillipoli so that person can belt it up there ARSE and should not be so GUTLESS and leave there name next time.

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