Thursday, May 25, 2006


One of my major concerns before we had Willow was changing nappies it was not something I wished to do no matter what and I made that quiet clear to Rebecca on many occasions. When Willow was born I still refused to change her nappies I mean what is good about having to change a nappy full of someone else's shit especially running shit at that.

Well I held out for about 2 weeks and then made the fatal mistake of changing one nappy and that was it I was done and caught and corned I was like cattle corralled with no choice and the nappy changing become something I got caught doing from then on in. Now 8 months along I don't mind changing Willow's nappies as we get to have a chat and giggle when doing it.

Now nappies , being male I thought a nappy was a nappy no matter what weather it was Huggies, babylove, snugglers you name it but I was quickly told that not the case like all things some are better than the others and for a while we tried to use the cheaper brands like target brand but in the end we found out well I found out that using dearer nappies was far better off the huggies don't leak like the some others so we have been using baby love during the day slightly cheaper and huggies at night.

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