Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well stocktake is over and it was our best stocktake yet only a few hundred dollars worth of manchester missing which is the normal around here.

Willow went to the weigh bridge and put on another 200 grams this week but she is a funny eater very fussy about what she eats her mother would say just like her father in that department. She loves eating food of our dinner plates though she is happy to try anything when we are eating it but when we sit down to feed her by herself she has her own idea's about what she eats.

The electrical department have a new boss, Simon and he seems like a really good guy which is something different because the previous bosses have been arshole's and just talk so much shit its not funny. My boss Stuart is sick at present he has a chest infection and has been home for the last few days.

received a phone call from my friend David in England today it was good to talk to him as I had not had a real chat to him for a few years since he was last out here we often speak on messenger but that's not quiet the same, he may be moving to Australia one day he tells me, his dad is really sick at present and David is his full time carer until he passes away.

One of my favorite TV show The Amazing race finally came to Australia this season and it about time they where in Perth and the outback being a person who loves traveling I like watching it just to see where they go and get a look at some great places they where also in Oman in the middle east and it looked like a great place very clean and tidy.

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