Sunday, June 18, 2006

Willow finally crawled last night properly anyway she has been scooting herself along now for about 2 months and occasionally using her legs and not just her arms but last night she did it properly 2 legs and 2 arms moving in conjunction it was great and we just happened to have the video camera on hand for the moment.

Willow is also saying 3 words she says nana, dada and mum when she feels like it I don't think she know what they mean but she says them anyway which is great so all the talking we do to her is paying off she is a smart little girl that's for sure.

Australia play Brazil tonite in the World Cup every one with a spare second please say a pray for the Socceroos.

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Alan said...

I was hoping for a win for the socceroos and they did play their socks off but the result was just not ment to be, But hey your by no ways out of the competition or qualification to the next round yet my friend.