Monday, July 17, 2006

Can some one please tell what Israel bombing Lebanon has got to do with the price of oil?. I mean as far as I know neither Israel nor Lebanon are major oil producing nations so why is the price of oil going up because of it, once again we are all being screwed at the petrol bowser. As an Australian we produce a lot of our own oil with oil rigs off the coast of western Australia in Bass Straight off Victoria and yet we have to see oil at the world price so our government tells us, but if so why is petrol in Venezuela 6 cents a liter and in Saudi Arabia 14 cents a liter and in Australia 1.40 a liter ( yes still cheap compared to some European countries). High Petrol prices is no good for anyone it will eventually lead our economy into a recession as there will be no spare money for spending.

6 weeks till our holiday from today cant wait the time is flying by and will will be leaving in no time at this rate. Have to go get my travel money card next week and pick up a few bits and pieces over the next month and we will be right. Has to buy a new stroller as our 3 wheel jogger is too big and heavy to take, also need a bigger xd card for my digital camera I would assume we will take around 1000 photo's last time it was around 600 but with willow coming there will be certainly more photo's taken.

Willow past the 10 kilogram mark last week at the weigh bridge she is getting so big and just babbles all the time.

Well as to be expected my team Collingwood have hit shit street after a promising beginning to the season after winning 8 of the first 10 games we have now lost 4 of 5 games against some questionable oppersition I think we will still make the finals but we will be out first week of finals. Essendon lost there 14 game of the season on the weekend "AND I LOVE IT'.

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Alan said...

Leave Essendon alone :@ lol