Friday, July 21, 2006

Well nearly the end of another week, my boss has been away all week so I have been in charge which makes work go quicker. I know have the weekend off.

my mom is down in maffra here for a few days staying at my sisters house they where all up here last night to see Willow.

Target had there midyear toy sale with no deposit layby till Christmas yesterday and man the woman in there where like a pack of bulls it must be similar to the running with bulls in pamplona if you got in the way you where quickly moved that's for sure it was crazy. We took advantage of it like most and put some Christmas presents for Wllow away. I am sure there will be no shortage of presents for my little princess her auntie rosie is buying her a swing set for Christmas and god know what else.

Well its not just me going on holidays in September my mom is going to the Gold Coast with her sisters and my brother is going to Thailand.

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