Saturday, July 29, 2006

Well its been a crazy week first off Willow starts spewing onWednesday and I mean really spewing the stuff was going everywhere. We bundle her in the car and head off to the emergency room at the Sale hospital which like usual is so slow we take a seat and about 20 minutes later a nurse comes out and takes her temperature and say a doctor will see you soon well another 49 minutes later we see this Asian doctor who's English is not that good. After looking, feeling and prodding will he sends us home and says its gastro give her plenty of fluids
We get home and put willow to bed she then spews up in her bed as well so she gets to sleep with us and does not spew for the rest of the night.
The next day she seems ok but the spewing starts again so Rebecca takes her to our local Doctor, Doctor Wright who confirms the same thing as the doctor at the emergancy room we just have to wait it out . I have Friday off and willow is getting better not spewing but still off her food and guess what by Friday night I start to feel sick, so I cart myself off to bed at 9.30 pm and by 10.30 I am throwing up as well and again at 12.30 am and then again what a wonderful night it was and the next day no more spewing but the the runs set in so now I am running to the toilet. I had to call in sick which did not impress my boss as he wanted the day off and had to come into work well fuck that I would not have made it work without it coming out of at least one end or the other, by about 5pm I am starting to feel a bit better and Rebecca is starting to feel sick she did not get the spewing but did get the toilet runs so its been a fun few days around here.

My friend Alan in the UK has confirmed he will be meeting up with us in Paris for a few days we will be staying in the same hotel, Ibis hotel near sacre cour in the Montmatre district of Paris its a nice down hill stroll of about 1-2 kilometers to the city center or 5 minutes by train, I think we may walk into the city center and get a train back. Only 4 weeks from today till we leave I say bring it on I cant wait.

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de said...

don't you hate when the baby gets sick... I feel soooo bad! i can't imagine being sick on top of it though. ugh! i hope you all start to feel well soon!!