Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well I finally have afull day off did not get my days off on Friday and Thursday instead have Sunday, Monday off.

Went out to Rebecca parents last night for tea and drinks as usual when her uncle Paul is up we have a quiet a few drinks it was good had a fire outside. Paul is getting married in November and then he and his wife Marie are moving to England, guess I better start saving for a holiday to the UK ( don't anyone tell Rebecca I am saving for another holiday or she will "KILL" me.).

Two weeks till we leave tomorrow all these bombs on the planes in the UK is spinning Rebecca out she is starting to get worried but hay what can one do about it I am still more worried about how Willow is going to go on a plane for 22 odd hours. Only 9 working days to go.

Willow is getting Christened on her birthday Sunday October 1 St 3 days after we get back from Europe and then we are having a birthday party after the christening. Willow is getting christened catholic like her mother I am church of England but religion plays no part in my life and if it makes Rebecca happy then its fine with me. We arrive back in Australia on Thursday the 28 at am so come Friday and Saturday we will be busy making food, cutting the lawn and just making the place look tidy.

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