Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Well its Tuesday and I am still at work I had yesterday afternoon off work and I have a half day Wednesday all day Thursday and Friday off and I cant wait its driving me crazy being in this place for 9 days straight.

My friend Possum is back from Queensland and its great to have him back all of my really good friends that I have known for along time all live away from here now I may be the only sucker left in Maffra and even one's I was good friends with in School you just don't see anymore except maybe down the street and its important to have good friends around you I think and Possum has kids so that makes it easy to talk about with him.

Under 3 weeks now till we go cant wait just getting some last minute stuff organized have just bought a new XD card off e-bay for my Fuji camera as I will imagine there will be a lot of photo;s taken while we are away.

Willow has a cold and is sill teething which is not making her a happy buba and providing some sleepless night for her mum and dad especially her mother who at this stage would happily trade her in for a full 8 hours of sleep.

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