Saturday, October 14, 2006

It does truly suck being back at work I might have to start buying lotto tickets I think.

Our delivery driver has gone 2 Scotland for 4 weeks so Brad and I are stuck doing all the deliveries while he is away and I definitely hate hauling lounge suites out of the warehouse and into people's houses. We had a late night sale last night I got lucky and only worked the day shift was not a bad day sold a bedroom suite and a tempur mattress.

Willow is teething so she has been a right royal little pain in her mummy and my butt at present just crying at the drop of a hat and not wanting to sleep or eat much its a mission I can tell you but hay she is worth it.

I recently bought the special edition of the Da Vinci Code on DVD and with tomorrow off I may even get a chance to watch it hopefully I watched part of it on our Qantas flight between Singapore and Melbourne and was impressed I have read the book so I am sure it wont be as good but still a watch I think.

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