Saturday, October 14, 2006

World Wide Willow

When we where overseas willow was excellent everyone said you cant take a 11 month old baby on a 30 day trip around Europe I said bullocks it can and will be done and was done with great success.

I think Willow loved nearly every minute of it she was bit shirty on the plane at times but so are all of us when you have 24 hours traveling time from Australia to Europe. We traveled on 9 different planes all together and not one did she cry for more than a few minutes, Rebecca would breast feed her on take off and landing and she would just go to sleep for a while.

She particulars like walking around the old cities like Prague and Budapest because they have old cobble stone streets and her stroller would bounce around she thought it was great. She loved going down escalator in her pram her eyes would be wide open and she loved it. The amount of different foods she tried was excellent everything from Hugarian Goulash to north African kababs to Bavarian bratwurst and loved it all.

She slept better in Europe than here maybe the full days of walking around tired her out but she was always up for a walk and she just loved looking at all the new places she did not really like the churches maybe because they where quiet, when we where in Notre dam in Paris she was squealing and it echoed all through the church but hey she is one of gods children and she can do as she please's in his house.

People in Europe are very friendly towards children and shop owner where always giving her food saltana's in Amsterdam lolly pops in Germany, free ice cream cones. Anyone thinking about traveling with a baby I say do it its not that hard sure it has its moments like when she throws food on the floor in a restaurant but over all its a positive experience or it was for me as I got to spend 30 days in a row with my daughter.

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