Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Our day at the races on Sunday was great we both had an excellent time at Sale races ( picture of Sale Racecourse). It was a cold day but sitting in the sponsors room made it ok we had a roast lunch with salad which was nice and free drinks( thanks to Harvey Norman sponsoring the club).

Rebecca arrived late after attending a child birthday party with willow and then nanna looked after willow while Rebecca joined me at the races.

Simon ( boss of electrical department) and tish (works in electrical) where also there so we had a fun day betting on the horses and talking and drinking lots by the end of the day both Rebecca and I had had plenty to drink. I put bets on all 9 races of the day 5$ on each race and only came up 7 dollars down for the day.. We are thinking about going to the sale cup in 3 weeks time.

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