Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well after arriving home on Thursday morning we had a party and christening to organize on the Sunday for willows first birthday. It was a mission as we where pretty tired for a few days but all went well in the end we had to go to church on Saturday night for willow to be welcomed into the catholic church ( don't hold that against me I am not catholic Rebecca is.) Scott and Rachel our friends from Melbourne are willows god parents. The christening went well at 12 pm mid day and then we came back home and the party started at 2.30 it was a good afternoon I caught up with some friends had some beers and food and willow got plenty of presents to go along with it. I started back at work on Wednesday now that really sucked I can tell you after being off for 37 days and knew there would be problems when I was away and the person away always gets the blame for it and yes I did get the blame for it. Apparently my boss was carrying on about it while I was away all the others told me about but that's ok he is always like that so I just take no notice of it. I have free tickets to the sale races today with an entry to a sponsors lunch with free food and drinks it should be good my work sponsors the the sale races and my boss could not go so he gave me the tickets.

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