Saturday, October 28, 2006

Well its been a week since I last posted things with willow have improved she has slept in her own bed the last few nights with a bit of planning. Rebecca takes her into her room we read her some stories she has some milk then into bed ususally around 8.30pm she seems to sleep till around 1am then go in and rub her back and she may fall back to sleep and if not some milk then back to sleep well this has worked for the last 2 nights anyway so here is hoping it continues.

Bought myself a new mobile phone this week well Rebecca bought it as a belated birthday present as we where overseas when my birthday occurred. Its a Sagem myC5-2 its a handy little phone with camera and video on it and all the other little gadgets.

well ever since we got back I have been trying to track down some Munich beers Franziskaner, Spaten, paulaner and I finally found some Yippee. The only problem they don't sell any here in Victoria I would have to go to Sydney to buy it I am shattered to say the least I even considered getting some couriered to the transport company in Sydney that brings the furniture to our store but even that was going to cost me $60.00 then the beer was $50 a box so way to expensive.

The Maffra show is on tonite they have fireworks and a demolition derby plus a few carnival rides and side shows we are taking willow providing the weather is right. Willow loved the carnival side of Oktoberfest when we had taken her there mind you the maffra show is not a shadow of oktoberfest's carnival but its the best we can do here.

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Alan said...

Have the same problem getting hold of the abmer necter they call VB :-)