Thursday, October 19, 2006

My daughter is going through a very clingy stage at the moment she wont leave her mother alone, even at play group the other day she refused to get off her mothers knee for more than a few minutes at a time.
This is really strange for willow as she was very play full and adventurous at some stages, but now she is like a little jellyfish.
Her sleeping has gone to shit along with ours she will only fall asleep in her mothers arms but when you put her down in her own bed she immediately wakes like and starts crying.
She has been waking every couple of hours and wont go back to sleep unless she is in our bed which sets a very dangerous example to her. She was sleeping perfectly when we where in Europe and as soon as we got back home it goes to shit.
She has been teething lately which has caused her to have some pretty nasty nappy rash.

Well I am going to start to wall paper the toilet today while I was in Europe and staying at Thomas and Adriana's apartment in frieburg Germany they had a wall papered hall the same as what I am going to do I will show pics when I am done so I must thank them for the inspiration behind this.

Started the Christmas shopping the other day I am just going to buy gift vouchers for everyone then they can get what they want.

Rebecca and I have been busy talking about weddings and engagement party's we are going to have an engagement party in Febuary/march and a wedding in either October/November 2007 or March/April 2008 at this stage depending on how much money we have to spend the plan at this stage is to have a big engagement party and a small weddings.

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de said...

i hear you on the sleeping situation. luckily we found out it was an ear infection, but my god i want the antibiotics to kick in already!
i hope you guys have a restful night tonight, im sure its just from the travel.
sounds like you guys had a great time!!! loved the photos.