Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The weather here in Victoria is totally nuts its unbelievably crazy last week we had a day of 8 degree's with snow in parts of Victoria and now the last 3 days have been over 30 degree's with today hovering around 35 degree's go figure maybe there is something with this global warming going on. Off the coast of the south island of New Zealand last week they also spotted icebergs which has never happened before.

Willow continues to grow and grow she is now standing by herself and walking along walls and with our help. I cant wait for her to walk properly but then I guess I will be chasing her around everywhere. Her sleeping patten has finally stabilized and she now sleeps most nights all night without waking up which is great and a major achievement for Willow who it was not unusual to wake up every 2 hours up until maybe 3 weeks ago.

Rebecca and I in discussion about having another baby I am a firm no on the matter I was one who did not want any children and don't get me wrong I love my daughter with all my heart and would not change it for the world but I do not want another. Rebecca on the other hand is very keen to pursue another baby and its all fun trying to get pregnant but I am not sure I can handle all the stuff that goes along with it again, am I being selfish?.

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