Sunday, November 19, 2006

Love is in the "AIR"

Well I received a phone call today at work from my mate Alan in England, he and his girlfriend Dee where out on the tear and Alan decided to pop the question and Dee said yes so its great news for my Friends. I spoke to Dee and she said Alan even got down on his hands and knees and proposed ( you got one up on me Alan I was sitting on a step next to Rebecca) but she says he has to ask her again in the morning .

Its really good news for them and I am extremely happy for them as I regard them as some of my best friends. I first meet Alan 7 years ago when in England and have been in touch ever since and as for Dee I have only meet her once in Paris 2 months ago and she is a lovely girl and they seem very happy together so Rebecca and I wish them all the best, and hopefully they will move to Australia.

Well you know what this means Alan and Dee will be attending our wedding in early 2008 so Rebecca and I will have to go to England to attend theirs now "oh what a pity I will have to go back to Europe again.

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Alab said...

Thank you both for your kind words, and being at the end of the phone at silly o'clock UK time :-)

Will be speaking to my boss at our team talk on wednesday and hopefully with the over a year notice it shouldn't be a problem getting a desent ammount of time off to come over to Oz in 2008.

Guess i should really update my blog now with the good news :-)