Friday, November 10, 2006

Well had an interesting experience on Monday night as we had a late sale I was coming home at about 11pm and my car decided it wanted stop not sure if out of petrol or just broken down . I was about 2 kilometers out of maffra so I decided to leave the car there and hitch home which I got a ride no worries. Got home had a couple of beers German ones at that and went to sleep. At 1.50pm there is a knock on our door and the police are standing there asking Rebecca if she ownes a car ( she owns the yellow car). Well the jest of the story is someone or someone's more likely stopped and pushed the car onto its roof yeah what a pack of fuckwhits I say. So we had to get up wake my sister and my nephew up to come and get it off its roof as people where ringing the police and the paramedics thinking someone was in an accident. So Rebecca , Steven and I went out a pushed it back over and towed it home. The roof was dinted in and the windscreen smashed, but luckily I have a friend who is a panel beater who can fix the roof and a new windscreen will cost me $247.00, so an interesting night.

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de said...

Do you guys live in that thing?!

The photos are hilarious. Sucks though that some ass did that. People!GAH.